Application of Laser Marker in the Food Industry

Client Background

H is a food company located in Hebei, China. It has three product lines of pies, cakes and chewing gums.

In December 1995, H was registered and established in the Economic and Technological Development Zone and has expanded its business in four categories including pies, puffed foods, candies and biscuits, popular in more than 60 overseas countries and regions in the following 20 years. It has taken 70% of global market of chocolate pie and grown into an integrated food company with annual sales close to RMB 8 billion.

The thermal transfer printer used to be adopted by H fails in automatic production because it only prints dates or batch numbers and requires manual-dialing of characters.

This printer does not work very effectively as the printed code is easy to be erased or altered. The cover of seemingly low costs is blown up if closer observation is made to discover soaring invisible costs in consumables and manual maintenance annually.



Flying 30F, the Fiber Laser Marker of High Speed and Precision

1. High Input-output Ratio

Outstanding advantages for the standard version of Flying 30F refer to no consumables and no chemicals harmful to the environment and human. Besides, it is environmentally friendly with a long machine life, maintenance-free operation and low cost.

2. Stable Performance and Excellent Reliability

Design of four-layer board in servo controlling for Flying 30F improves its immunity against interference. Integrated circuits of a new generation together with various kinds of protection circuits make it more robust against interference and highly reliable with good linearity and remarkable accuracy in repetition.

3. Inter-connectivity

HGTECH has customized the function of inter-connected output to better work with client’s existing equipment. This function enables not only signaling to the client when the Flying 30F is ready or malfunctions, but also communication and interaction between Flying 30F and other facilities to prevent empty packages and leakage. In this case, the minute other facilities malfunction, HGTECH equipment receives signals and automatically runs into halt.

Benefits for Client

Mr. Chen, Manager of H remarked that we have been released from burden after officially applying Flying 30F and its high accuracy in repetition and positioning addressed 99.9% of code spraying problems.

Mr. Chen emphasized that benefits of Flying 30F were more than its small size, easiness of installation and operation, and versatile application. Its easy operation saved the company from lots of troubles.

“Stability of Flying 30F satisfies us. It has high accuracy in repetition and positioning, and adopts advanced embedded design, all making it comparable with global top brands. Besides, the protection level reaches IP65. As a result, HGTECH is well positioned to strengthen cooperation with partners”, explained Chen.

He added that the number of machines in application expanded from 20-odd to nearly 300 sets. Flying 30F has completed the code spraying tasks with high precision and efficiency in the production line as always. Our trust in HGTECH proves its excellent capacity.


Application Fields

Online marker of fiber laser for Flying 30F is applicable to most metal materials and some non-metallic materials for surface treatment, for example PVC, coated metal, aluminum membrane, rubber and plastic.

It is widely applied in the production of medicine, personal care product, food and beverage packaging, wine, dairy products, clothing accessories, electronic components, chemical building materials and others to mark the shelf life, batch code, shift code, manufacturer name and logo, and other graphics and text markings.

"Flying 30F is specifically designed for high-speed and high-precision code printing that produces QR codes with recognition rate as high as above 99.9%. And the marking speed is 25% above the average. It completes tasks at ease even in sophisticated operating conditions and complicated productions lines."

Source: HGTECH