The proposal, promotion and implementation of Germany’s “Industrie 4.0” and “Chinese Smart Manufacturing” not only boost the transition and upgrading of traditional manufacturing, but also contain great potential for the development of the laser industry. As one of the most advanced manufacturing and processing technologies available today, laser technology has been widely used in all walks of life, leading to a remarkable trend of “popularization”. It is estimated that the scale of China’s laser equipment will exceed RMB 130 billion and that of lasers will reach RMB 25 billion in 2025.


The LMN World Laser Manufacturing Conference 2019 organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai was successfully held during the LASERFAIR in Shenzhen China on 8-9 May. The conference invited some 20 experts, scholars and leading representatives from the optical and laser industries at home and abroad, including Prof. Dr. Minlin Zhong (President of Laser Institute of America), Prof. Dr. Yoshio Hayasaki (Member of Optical Society of Japan), Prof. Dr. Anand Asundi (Chairman of Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore), Prof. Dr. Beat Neuenschwander (one of the initiators of SWISSPHOTONICS), Prof. Dr. Xiao Zhu (President of Wuhan Laser Association of Optics Valley of China), Prof. Dr. John Harvey (President of Australian Optical Society), Dr. Sergei Sokolov (Academic Secretary of the Laser Association Saratov Regional Center), Mr. Kestutis Jasiunas (Member of the Board, Lithuanian Laser Association), Mr. Dahv Kliner (Vice President of Fiber Laser Technology at nLIGHT), Dr Xiuquan Ma (Chief Scientist of GZ Photonics Co., Ltd) and Mr. Yang Jiang (Business Development Director of Bystronic Co., Ltd (Shanghai)), to interpret the current situation of the laser industry’s development and discuss about the development strategies, prospects of enterprises and industries on the scene. At the same time, with the concerted efforts of the organizers of the conference and the positive response of participating experts, the Council of World Laser Manufacturing Conference was established during LMN 2019, which is aiming to establish the liaison mechanism, make R&D reports for the global laser manufacturing industry, create the laser manufacturing think tank and build an innovative networking platform for global laser manufacturing industry. The conference attracted nearly 500 professional visitors from home and abroad. Most of them were managers of global laser manufacturers; senior managers and technical directors of metal processing, communication, 3C, automobile manufacturing, aviation, rail transit, new energy, vessel, medical equipment and other manufacturers; scientific research personnel of photoelectric/laser related colleges and universities and decision makers of subcontracting manufacturers.


As the market scale of China’s laser industry continues to expand and process of Chinese domestic laser products and technologies substitution accelerates, the domestic laser industry is embracing the golden age of rapid development. At the same time, as a world manufacturing factory, China has a huge industrial volume. Numerous industrial enterprises are expecting with the help of laser processing technology to realize smart transition and upgrading of production equipment and improve production efficiency. Accordingly, laser industry and industrial manufacturing complement each other. To help China’s laser industry realize opportunities for development and introduce advanced laser technologies and worldwide innovative ideas, the LMN World Laser Manufacturing Conference 2020 will be held on 12-13 Oct 2020 in Shenzhen China. The First Council Meeting of LMN and various sub-forums of the conference will also be held concurrently. LMN 2020 will be an important part of LASERFAIR SHENZHEN 2020, which is a professional thematic show under the South China International Industry Fair (SCIIF). The conference will invite authoritative experts and industry elites from all countries to come to Shenzhen for brainstorming, discussing and sharing ideas.